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Promoting mobility and independence through therapeutic rehabilitation services

At Destiny Caregivers, we have trained and licensed medical professionals who will evaluate and treat abnormal physical functions related to injury, disability, disease, or condition. They are experienced and skilled in diagnosing physical abnormalities and restoring, maintaining, and/or promoting proper physical function and mobility. Physical therapists are the leading roles in rehabilitation, prevention, health maintenance, and health, wellness, and fitness promotion programs. They develop the standards for physical therapy practice and health care policy, guaranteeing availability, accessibility, and optimal delivery of health care services.

Our PTs provide hands-on treatment to our patients throughout all the stages of healing. With cost-effective treatment, we can improve our patient’s ability to move around, help them manage pain and symptoms, and reduce the need for prescription drugs and surgeries, allowing them to participate in the community and perform different activities. Our team utilizes a scope of therapeutic exercises, devices, and procedures to enhance muscle strength, posture, balance, range of motion, and coordination. Additionally, we use a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach based on individual treatment goals to achieve optimum health outcomes.

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